Electrix Essential Branding

The Situation

  • Electrix was launching a product line to be sold through the existing architectural sales channel. The Essential product line is commercial grade lighting sourced from CM's in China. It was critical to keep the new Essential brand distinct from the high end, American made Electrix Illumination brand.

The Solution

  • The Electrix Essential launch rolled out with a new website, specification sheets, brochures, and email campaign. The quality of the collateral design was dichotomous to the relative quality of the products. The brochures were created as a sales rep tool to appeal to end users of the lighting as opposed to lighting designers for the architectural product line.

The Results

  • + Electrix Essential proliferated as a commercial lighting brand.
  • + Electrix Essential has continued as a distinct identity from Electrix Illumination and has not harmed Illumination's brand equity despite sales through the same channel.
  • + More than 30 independent sales rep agencies added Essential to their line cards.
  • + Awarded the 2016 GD USA Graphic Design Award for Sales Collateral

Website KPIs

  • + 1,960 unique users in 2017
  • + 7,671 unique page views in 2017
  • + 74% increase in unique users in 2018
  • + 58% increase in unique page views in 2018