Electrix Sample Case

Project Goal

  • Show the ease of installation and versatility of Electrix's prefab cove forms and their compatible luminaires.


  • Revamp of the long "gun case" style sample cases previously employed.
  • Be light enough for a salesperson to easily carry around a city - running up subway stairs and fighting rush hour traffic. 
  • The high performance luminaires need to be shown if there was no power available.

Solution / Innovation

  • I developed USB chargeable luminaires with our CMs in China so they can illuminate in any sales scenario.   They hold a charge for over 24 hours of demonstration.  The luminaires drop into 4" wide samples of each cove form.
  • The short luminaires allowed me to shrink the size of the case.
  • I designed the case employing the Electrix color palette to stand out on a shelf for sales agents against all of the black cases.
  • At the end of the day, the entire case is plugged into the wall to recharge. 
  • I included extra USB ports for phone chargers so sales people can recharge their devices between appointments... also a nice reminder that Electrix loves them!


  • The agent network loved the cases. There were two runs of the cases issued in 2018, with over 50 cases in use nationwide.
  • The case design was reused for Electrix's LumiLine linear luminaires and the MagneConnect slot system.